League Rules: Four & Two Rinks Games - 2023

 All Genders are allowed to play in the League which is confined to Member Clubs of the Rhondda Borough Bowling Association. 

No player shall be entitled to play for more than one Club in any R.B.B.A. game. 

Games to be played on the dates and venues as organised by the Rhondda Borough Bowling Association Leagues Secretary/Association Secretary. 

Membership Fees to be paid to the Treasurer by the 31st May each year. 


Monday Leagues – Start Time – 2.00 p.m.

Saturday Leagues – Start Time - 2.30 p.m.

Other Mid-week Games – Start Time – 6.00 p.m.

Start Times can be altered if mutually agreed between Clubs. 


A team shall consist of Four rinks of Four players, and the match shall consist of Eighteen ends straight off.

No Practice Ends or One each end is allowed. 

Teams to toss a coin for possession of jack. 


A team shall consist of Three rinks of Four players, and the match shall consist of Eighteen ends straight off.

No Trial Ends or One each end allowed.

Teams to toss a coin for possession of jack. 


A team shall consist of Two rinks of Four players, and the match shall consist of Eighteen ends straight off.

No Trial Ends or One each end allowed.

Teams to toss a coin for possession of jack.


Substitutes are allowed in all League Games on the following basis:

1 ) Up to 1 Substitute per rink is allowed per team.

2 ) The Subs MUST be named and the position they will play MUST be stated prior to the  game starting.

3 ) The Subs MUST be changed after 9 ENDS.

4 ) The Subs can only play - LEAD or SECOND in the nominated positions as stated prior to the game starting.

5 ) They MUST replace the Lead or Second who started the game. 


Points to be awarded as follows: - Two points for each winning rink PLUS Six points for the Club with highest overall shots. In the event of drawn rinks or drawn matches the available points shall be shared equally. 

A rink should consist of Four players.

In the event of a rink being short and playing with only Three players then a total a total of 25 % must be deducted from the score of each rink with only Three players. 


Results of matches, which should include Total Points and Total Shots for each Club should be Texted or Emailed to the Leagues Secretary WITHIN 48 hours of the fixture being played. Each Skip should sign each other’s card agreeing the score and both Captains agreeing the overall result. 


A team shall consist of Three rinks of Four players at One venue and consist of Eighteen ends straight off.

No Trial Ends or One each end allowed.

The AWAY team to have possession of the jack.

No substitutes are allowed.

The Winning Team will be the one with the Highest Total Overall Shots and will go forward to the next round.

It is the responsibility of the Home team to forward the result to the League Secretary within 48 hours which can be texted or emailed. 


Clubs may mutually agree to play fewer ends but no games shall be counted as valid unless at least 15 ends are played.

In the event of a match having to be abandoned for any reason, the result will stand provided there are completed ends of: 

1.    at least Sixty ends (4 Rinks)

2.    at least Forty Five ends (3 Rinks)

3.    at least Thirty ends (2 Rinks) have been completed the result will stand.  All completed ends to count towards the overall score.



Clubs by mutual agreement can re-arrange the matches to a different night if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. inclement weather).  All matches must be completed by 31st August each year. 

The League Secretary / Secretary shall be notified within Forty Eight hours of any games not played, stating the reasons which will be supplied by the offending Club. 

If a Game is called off for any reason (Increment weather, cannot raise a team etc.) the game should be re-arranged within 2 weeks of the original date, 

If two Secretaries cannot agree a date for the rearranged game, the matter should be referred to the League Secretary who will set a date for the game to be played. 


Weekdays: - Grey trousers / tailored shorts or skirts with white polo top or Club standard clothes.. 

Weekends: - White trousers / tailored shorts or skirts with white shirts or Club standard clothes. 

All members of team to be dressed the same and monitored by each club. 

Promotion /Relegation. 

The Club with the highest number of points in each division to be declared the winner of that division.  In the case of Clubs having the same number of points, then the winner shall be decided on shot difference and if still equal then the Club winning the most matches and drawn matches will be taken into account to ascertain the winner. 

The two bottom Clubs in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2.  The Two top Clubs in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 if they can supply the number of rinks required in that division. 

Should there be extenuating circumstances this rule could be varied at the Annual General Meeting (e.g. should a Club withdraw from the Rhondda Borough Bowling Association). 

In the event of a Club not completing its fixtures the points awarded in matches already played by the defaulting Club will be expunged from the records.  The Club shall be placed last in its division and automatically relegated to the next lower division, and a fine of Fifteen Pounds shall also be imposed. 

The winner of each division will be presented with a trophy, to be retained for One year, and a plaque to be retained by the Club. 

The league shall be played under the laws of the World Bowls Board and the laws of the Welsh Bowls. 

The behaviour and conduct of all persons associated with the game of bowls since its inception has ensured that it enjoys an exemplary reputation. 

To maintain this, any player who by his standards of behaviour is liable to bring the game into disrepute, renders himself liable to disciplinary action. Examples of type of misconduct are abusive behaviour, indecent, offensive or abusive language, abuse of opponent and other players, officials or spectators and abuse of equipment. 

Drug or Alcohol abuse by players 

If any player is considered unfit to play a game at any time from the intended start of the competition, he may be ordered to leave the green, after consultation with both Team Captains, and this could lead to disciplinary action being taken against the player.

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